Social Security
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Social Security

Has Social Security denied your case even though your own doctors say you are disabled?  Have you filled out form after form and waited months, or even years, only to receive a denial letter that doesn’t make sense?  Are you frustrated by Social Security’s complex and confusing rules and policies that don’t account for your personal situation or real-life needs?

If so, you know that you need help!  You know you need an experienced and dedicated team supporting you and fighting for you.

Steven Robey, David Namba, Beau Robey and our staff are that team.  We have already helped thousands of people battle the Social Security bureaucracy, and we will be committed to helping you get the benefits you deserve.  We handle cases at every level of appeal.  We even regularly sue the Social Security Administration in the U.S. District Courts for people who have received a “final” denial.

Whether you have already filed an appeal, have a deadline looming, or even missed a deadline – –  even if your disability hearing is just days away – –  it’s okay.  Take a deep breath, know that you don’t have to do this alone, and resolve to help yourself by giving us a call.

We provide a Free, Confidential Consultation, and we never charge any fees unless we win your case.  You will meet with one of our attorneys (not a paralegal or assistant like at some firms) to answer your questions and explain your options.  We pride ourselves on being personally available to handle your case and prepare you for the disability hearing.  You have nothing to lose by talking with us, but you stand to lose everything by failing to secure strong legal representation in a timely manner.

While nothing beats talking to an attorney about your specific situation, here are some resources for general information about the Social Security disability process: