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Mr. Robey helped me with a car accident settlement. He was very supportive and patient throughout the legal process providing invaluable advice and knowledge. He is trustworthy and dedicated to client’s success. Throughout the whole process all of the staff was available, professional, and helpful. Mr. Robey kept me updated and explained the process as it evolved. The outcome of the case reflected my goals and I was compensated accordingly. I strongly recommend Mr. Robey and his practice to address your specific needs.

– Rita

Thank goodness for Robey Namba!  They have successfully, kindly and practically painlessly (to me) negotiated three personal injury/auto accident claims. I hope I never have another accident but I will call them without hesitation if I do.

– Lee Willis

While there is no “good” side to having personal injury, I feel fortunate to have had Steve Robey advocate for me twice, after two different auto accidents followed by personal injury settlements. Steve advised me with calm, clear, and patient compassion throughout physical and emotional recovery from these traumatic events. Mr. Robey, using another area of his expertise, has also helped me clarify and resolve misunderstandings with the Social Security Administration regarding my medical disability benefits. I had a lot of stress and felt vulnerable about the problem, but Steve was able to resolve the situation–again, calmly and patiently. I do not hesitate to recommend Steve Robey and his firm to anyone who has been involved in a personal-injury accident or who needs help claiming or keeping disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. He knows his stuff.

– Rick Hermann

In 2011 a car in a crosswalk struck me. I suffered from injuries all over by body. I had no idea where to start. Another attorney that I knew in town highly recommended Steve Robey. I immediately contacted him and he was amazing from the beginning, not to mention one of the sincerely kindest people I have ever met. His office handled everything for me. My goal was to get my medical damages covered and to settle without a lawsuit or going to court. Not only were my goals met, my compensation exceeded my expectations, without the hassles of going to court. I would return to Steve for help any day when it comes to law issues, especially personal injury.

– Sheila

Steve Robey and his law firm are the first to come to mind whenever an issue requiring professional law expertise arises in my business. He would also, beyond a doubt, be the one that I would contact for a personal issue.  I have often shared with Steve that one of the first striking impressions I had of him was his attention to detail.  He handles issues as they are presented to him, be it as minor as the review of a contract, or a major issue.  By contrast, it seems that the norm in the law profession is more toward procrastination, especially with less significant issues.  Steve associates with like individuals, and has also referred me to other professionals when he recognized that I could be better served elsewhere.  He has not sent me to anyone that I would not call again for help in their area of expertise.  I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for an attorney with the highest integrity and work ethic, as well as a genuinely good person.

– Dick, Local Boat Manufacturer

Steve Robey is that rare attorney with exceptional intelligence, people skills, and a down-to-earth approach to problem solving.  I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.  His handling of my accident case made it possible for me to move forward with car repairs and treatment for injuries while he focused on the legal work and dealing with the insurance companies.  The process went smoothly and I never had to worry about the progress of the case.  I am happy to give Steve my highest recommendation!

– Michelle Beller-Siegfried

Steve Robey helped me back in the early 90’s with navigating the Social Security Disability system. He was confident, compassionate, very supportive and, of course, successful on every front!  I have recommended him to others over the years and they have had equally positive experiences.

– Anonymous

Following an unfortunate car accident, for which I was not responsible, the insurance company refused to pay for the all the treatment I needed to physically recover. Steve Robey was able to resolve that issue in a respectful and ethical manner. It was a small claim, but Steve gave my case the same amount of care and attention as he would any other.  From start to finish, I felt I was in good hands and would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone requiring legal help.

– Lorraine Barnes