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Settlements and Jury Verdicts

$4,000,000 Jury Verdict for wrongful death of minor child hit by truck in Miami, Florida


$1,000,000 Settlement for accidental shooting in Whatcom County (abdominal injuries)


$287,000 Settlement for young female passenger with broken femur and head injuries caused by drunk driver of vehicle she was riding in (Bellingham)


$200,000 Policy limits settlement for elderly man backed into in home improvement store parking lot near Sunset Drive in Bellingham (cracked pelvis)


$190,000 Settlement for slip and fall on a rock outside a retail box store on the Guide Meridian (broken hip/low back injury)


$187,500 Settlement against power company for young man in electrocution injury (power line arced to ladder, serious burn to foot)


$180,000 Settlement for elderly woman injured in auto accident on I-5 in Skagit County (torn rotator cuff)


$175,000 Settlement for middle-aged woman in rear end accident on Guide Meridian (neck, back and hip injuries)


$165,000 Settlement for older disabled gentleman in intersection accident on Samish Way (ribs and sternum fractures, back injury)


$153,000 Structured settlement for misdiagnosis of child’s broken leg by a Seattle hospital plus     $15,000 settlement with drug store where child originally slipped


$150,000 Settlement for middle-aged woman for rear end collision on Lakeway Drive (neck injury, surgery)


$150,000 Policy limits settlement for pedestrian hit crossing traffic circle near Whatcom Community College (knee and back injury without surgery)


$150,000 Settlement for middle-aged mental health therapist for TMJ, cervical, and cognitive problems caused by rear end accident on I-5


$35,000 Settlement in Federal Court for female employee in gender discrimination and civil rights case against aerospace company

$150,000 Policy limits settlement for middle-aged woman rear-ended on Guide Meridian in Bellingham (low back injury resulting in surgery)


$130,000 Settlement for union worker injured in rear end collision in Bellingham (neck and back pain with disc surgery)


$122,500 Settlement in racial discrimination/wrongful termination case against nationwide shoe store


$117,500 Settlement for injuries to 12-year old child in auto accident in Bremerton, where injuries were initially soft tissue, but were later diagnosed as neurological, including migraines, and numbness with case settling after child became an adult


$100,000 Settlement with Canadian insurer for hearing impaired pedestrian hit on Guide Meridian in Bellingham (back injury without surgery)


$100,000 Settlement with Canadian insurer for young woman in auto accident on Guide Meridian in Bellingham (shoulder and neck injuries)


$100,000 Settlement in rear end accident in Everett (neck pain)


$90,000 Settlement for young female jogger hit by car on Woburn Street in Bellingham (hip, back, leg; no surgery)


$75,000 Settlement for middle-aged motorcyclist knocked off motorcycle near Ferndale (shoulder injury; no surgery)


$75,000 Settlement with private school for defamation and discrimination against experienced female schoolteacher


$60,000 Settlement for woman injured when defective power-flush toilet exploded, cutting her face with ceramic shards


$50,000 Settlement for young bike rider hit by inattentive driver in grocery store parking lot (knee injury)


$45,000 Settlement for injuries caused when large exercise ball collapsed during workout


$40,000 Settlement for teen injured by camp staffers rough-housing

Past results are not a guarantee of future success. Each case turns on its own facts.